Financing and Conflict of interest

Sources of financing

  • Center for Reproductive Medicine, Amsterdam UMC


We are grateful for the support of the Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group (San Francisco, USA and Cape Town, South Africa) and the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (Liverpool, UK). We give special appreciation to Tara Horvath, Helen Nagels, Gail Kennedy, George Rutherford, Nandi Siegfried, Joy Oliver, Paul Garner, Harriet MacLehose, and Vittoria Lutje. We are grateful to Mauro Cunha Ramos, Fernanda Torres de Carvalho, Michele Savaris, and Tonantzin Ribeiro Gonçalves for their efforts while the STD Group was based in Brazil. We would also like to thank Becky Gray for providing support with the Information Management System.

We thank Karen Robinson (USA) and Eric Manheimer (USA), who created the CRG electronic database; and Frances Cowan, who prior to the formation of the CRG independently conducted extensive literature searches and contributed these articles to the database.

Conflict of interest

No conflicts of interest are recorded.

The STICR Group's policy stated that should editors or peer reviewers serve in a capacity on a protocol in which the appearance of a conflict of interest existed, this would be disclosed both here and in the review.