Clinical Practice Guidelines

Support  of Guideline Development Groups: 

The Sexually Transmitted Infections Group has supported the development of the following Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) with reviews and literature searches:

  • Management Congenital Syphilis 2014  
  • Syndromic management of Sexually Transmitted Infections and other Genital Tract Infections 2013. 

We have also support the development of the following 2015 guidelines for the Colombian Association of Gastroenterology

  • Management of Dyspepsia
  • Management of Helicobacter pylori infection
  • Screening of colorectal cancer
  • Management of Early gastric cancer
  • Management of Gastroesofagheal reflux disease
  • Management of Non-alcoholic fally liver disease
  • Management of Ulcerative colitis
  • Management of chronic constipation
  • Use of echoendoscopy in pancreatic lesions
  • Management of Irritable bowel syndrome

We performed the literature searches of the following CPG:

Guideline implementation:

The team participated in the development of the Manual of guidelines implementation for health care providers in Colombia.

Other projects:
  • Support in the systematic review for the implementation of the management strategy  of Chikungunya in Latin America
  • Support the development of the Euthanasia protocol for the Ministry of Health and Social Protection